Where do I get the equipment from?

Woozelbears has sourced the very best equipment at competitive prices making your money go further in the project. We have used the equipment and so every brand has been tried and tested. As a member of the Woozelbears team you will also benefit from outstanding customer service from the suppliers due to our reputation. Choose to kit your centre out with a state of the art aquatic treadmill, bespoke hydrotherapy pool, luxurious spa, gait analysis treadmill and much much more!

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Existing Centres


The business thrives on vet referrals from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties due to the high standards of the facility and practice.

Visit the Witney Centre site


Opened in partnership in 2014 as our second branch and is developing into a successful rehabilitation centre with increasing referrals.

Visit the Swindon Centre site

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