How could I finance a centre?

Woozelbears have their own finance team that will take you through every step of the financial journey from borrowing the money to opening your centre.

They have a proven success rate of over 95% in raising finance due to their detailed knowledge of the way underwriters work and understanding how banks and finance companies make lending decisions. They are experts in taking the individual circumstances of a candidate and structuring a finance proposal that provides the bank with everything they need to say “Yes”. By using us you benefit from the close working relationships that we have within our network of specialist banks and leasing companies and also our expertise to negotiate the best terms available.

The most common reason for finance being declined is that the proposal is simply not structured to fit the requirements of the lender. That is very different from saying that the applicant is not acceptable. The key to success in raising finance lies in the Business Plan. This document is not just a plan for your business; it is your application for finance. In addition to the usual requirements of a business plan, it needs to answer the principals of lending, address all the underwriters questions and be within the policy parameters of the lender. The finance company will do all of this with you.

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Existing Centres


The business thrives on vet referrals from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties due to the high standards of the facility and practice.

Visit the Witney Centre site


Opened in partnership in 2014 as our second branch and is developing into a successful rehabilitation centre with increasing referrals.

Visit the Swindon Centre site

Burgess Hill, WEST SUSSEX

Opened in partnership in 2018 as our fourth branch and is recieving referrals from over 70 vets. A new area for us but a local area to former Fitzpatricks 'Supervet' Hydrotherapist Sue Howell who is managing director of this centre. 

Visit the Burgess Hill site 


Opened in Wiltshire in 2018 as our third branch however our first centre to offer a dedicated cat clinic.

Visit the Melksham site 


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Opened in 2022 branching out into a new part of the UK

Visit the Spalding site 


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