Welcome to Woozelbears Partnerships

Our passion is to create successful professional veterinary referral centres for the rehabilitation of small animals, primarily dogs. Our existing centres are currently servicing Oxfordshire and Wiltshire and we are looking for new members to join our team. I am looking for candidates that are willing to work hard but primarily have a love for dogs and a passion to work in rehabilitation. 

I have 2 successful centres that have been built up over the last 5 years and we have been consistently treating over 150 dogs a week in Witney. With my experience in veterinary practice and hydrotherapy I set out to provide partnerships to show dog lovers how to set up successful professional centres and to support them throughout the process of business, which can be a daunting process.

Our specialist finance team will work with you to help provide you with the funds, so don't be put off thinking you have to finance this alone!

The centres have top of the range equipment including large bespoke hydrotherapy pools, aquatic treadmills,hydrotherapy spa's and we have 1 of 2 gait assessment treadmill’s in the UK. All who work within Woozelbears are highly qualified personell and as a team take pride in our vast knowledge of gait analysis and rehailitation.

There are many areas that are waiting for a facility like this, full of todays technology for rehabilitating man's best friend.


Existing Centres


The business thrives on vet referrals from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties due to the high standards of the facility and practice.

Visit the Witney Centre site


Opened in partnership in 2014 as our second branch and is developing into a successful rehabilitation centre with increasing referrals.

Visit the Swindon Centre site

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